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Jammu and Kashmir has a distinct and rich repertoire of music and musical instruments. The traditional music of the state is supposed to be informed by Central ...

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The world has been fixated on events that have occurred between India and Pakistan post Pulwama. But there is complete silence on a rapidly changing political s...

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Find Jammu and Kashmir Latest News, Pictures on Jammu and Kashmir and see latest updates, news, information from www.kashmirtrends.in ...

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kashmir news paper - The Valley has also witnessed meteorite showers and the ancestors have recorded these in the form of rock art....

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Kashmir News Army - The tale of Kashmiri metal works is very old and is prominent part of Jammu and Kashmir Heritage. Kashmir News Zone....

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This announcement from the two army commanders have given a sense of relief to the public from both side, as no peace-loving man would wish for a war. ...

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The Department of Archives, Archaeology and Museums is organizing a workshop on paper making and calligraphy at SPS Museum Srinagar. ...

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Government of Pakistan on Thursday welcomed the Indian cabinet's announcement to commence the construction of the Kartarpur corridor.......

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