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Plan your calendar ahead for these enthralling events of 2019. Add an interesting twist to your vacations this year – plan them around some of India’s most ...

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The founder of 'An Indian Summer' explains her journey. The creative force behind the popular blog ‘An Indian Summer’, Bhavna Bhatnagar’s thoughtful posts...

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From acid washes to cute paperbag styles, it’s a roaring revival of the 80s. It’s time to stash away your skinny jeans and make room for their more relaxed ...

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Short hair, don’t care. Pixie cuts have been all the rage for a while, especially for the celebrity set. But we nonfamous folk love the dramatic cut, too....

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Adorn your spaces with classic furniture styling, now and forever. The world is getting busier ‘sparking joy’, thanks to the revolution stirred by Marie Kon...

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It’s dewy, fresh, young and very easy to achieve. Korean women love to look young – and they fair enviably well in the endeavor. Their two rather simple se...

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Round-up for a great party to welcome your 30s. The thirtieth birthday party is right up there with the biggest milestones in a young person's life, not unlike ...

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These products make cleansing as much fun as putting on makeup. Without an exception, we have all wished for makeup to magically vanish, sparing us the nuisance...

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