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Every architecture student have his / her own lifestyle. An architecture student have an entire changed life from every other field....

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Scale is referred as the ratio of the size of the object to the actual size of the object. Scale in architecture gives the actual size or dimension ...

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Use of texture in architecture - Texture is the property, sensation, and feel of the objects received through a sense of touch and vision....

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Form active structure are those structures in which loadd is taken by the form or the shape of the structure. They are non-rigid, flexible matter shaped....

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We welcome our reader to the growing community of Archistudent where we tend to impart true knowledge to aspiring architects, students, and designers. ...

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As future architects, to mold this growth in a manner that is beneficial to one and the all, but that is actually the case...

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Building Bye-laws are defined as the standards & specifications designed to grant minimum safeguards to the workers during construction....

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Application of Colors in Architecture : Color scheme should be based upon the certain concept and concept depends upon the nature of space....

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