An allergy occurs due to an abnormal reaction of the immune system due to outside substances which are not dangerous. For more:

Alopecia or baldness or hair loss is Loss of hair from body parts or head unusually and especially from the head where the c severity can be from small amount o...

The inflamed tonsils which are either one on one side or both sides are called tonsillitis and occur due to either bacteria or virus infections. For more: https...

Overweight which is also called as Obesity is caused by fat tissue getting together over muscle tissue. Know more:

Migraine headaches are the most common headaches occurring in the majority of the people and can be very severe. For more info:

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Obesity is a condition with an excess proportion of fat in adipose tissue. Homeocare International offers the best homeopathy treatment for obesity. For more: h...

Hair loss is also said to be alopecia or baldness which is an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own follicles. For more information: https://www...

Tonsillitis or Tonsils are two oval-shaped tissues at the back of the throat these tonsils get infected and result in inflammation. To know more: https://www.on...

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