Transform everyday living it into Godly teachable moments for our kids. Teach them that God had given us the responsibility to take good care of His creation....

A godly dating relationship requires not just a man and a woman, but, most especially it needs Jesus as the center of the relationship. A Christian Book that ha...

Yes, faith in God is the basis of Christianity and faithfulness is the key to living a victorious Christian life. Our constant and steadfast faith in God is the...

The Bible holds timeless teachings and instructions for raising empowered children. Watching animated stories not only entertain our kids, but an effective way ...

We are bombarded with all cares of life. As we meditate on God’s Word we feed our spirit with hope and nurture our faith. Engage and reflect on God’s Word....

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Having a consistent prayer life will draw us closer to GOD. Some of us struggle to have a consistent prayer life when we are busy all the time....

It is our responsibility to teach our children the right values, and God has provided us directives through His Words. Help our kids grow spiritually and empowe...

Wedding bands/rings are considered a sacred piece of jewelry that signifies the holy union of a man, a woman and their God. Expression of sacred vows of love....

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